A substance used for sticking objects or materials together.

  • Processing of Petrolium, A View from the Refinery

  • Processing of Petrolium, A View from the Refinery


Our business is about much more than sticking things together. For over a century, we have developed smart solutions that touch and improve people?s daily lives.

Suppliers of a highly diversified range of adhesives used in varied applications, our products range from customized Epoxy based adhesives which give excellent strength and bonding characteristics for speciality applications to commodity adhesives based on cyanoacrylates, elastomers, PVA etc. Adhesives were added to our product range in 1993, based on excellent quality control and R&D facilities a range of adhesives were developed taking various applications areas into consideration

PVC Solvernt cement for repairing and bonding of pvc pipes . Because of its high viscosity it makes joints leakproof and gives more coverage. Joints made with Our Adhesive can withstand temperature from -35?C to 90?C

  • Quick Wrap

  • Quick Wrap

  • Quick Wrap

  • Quick Wrap


Orapi International who are leading suppliers of Engineering Maintenance products in Europe have introduced QUICK WRAP, a bandage which comes handy to repair damaged pipe or tube by which the production downtime is saved.


is used for the rapid and punctual repair of pipes, tubes, metal, plastic, asbestos, concrete, etc. It is a safe and easy to use product that does not require a hand qualified work. The application is very simple and does not require high skills.


Close hoses before repairing. Clean and lightly sand the area to be repaired. The use of a dry solvent type NDI 507 is strongly recommended. To activate the bandage, immerse it in clean, lukewarm water or salt water (marine environment) for 10 seconds. Hand crush the bandage while keeping it immersed. The use of disposable gloves is recommended as the bandage is very "tacky" and difficult to clean. Curing begins as soon as the sealed package is opened. It is therefore necessary to apply it quickly. The entire tape must be used. Repairing cracked and damaged pipes: Wrap the 50 mm bandage tightly around the damaged area, extending the bandage to each side. Apply pressure to the bandage while moistening it until curing begins. It hardens in 10 minutes and fully polymerizes in 1 hour. When repairing a major leak, with a hole or crack larger than the size of a 2 cts part, the prior use of ORAMETAL POCKET 221 is recommended especially if the pipe to be repaired is then placed under pressure> 5 bars.


Formulated with a cutting-edge water-activated polyurethane resin, this bandage cures in 10 minutes saving plant downtime. Knitted with fiberglass, this product easily stretches and wraps around elbows, fittings and joints. After soaking it with water for 10 seconds, the bandage is ready to use, eliminating all dosing and mixing operations. This product has excellent: resistance to temperature, pressure and chemicals. QUICK WRAP is ideal for repairing low pressure piping. It is also a repair product for any broken cylindrical assembly.


Resin: Hydrophilic polyurethane with rapid polymerization.

Fracture resistance test: 2051 Newton peak stress. Flexural strength: Resists 50 Newton after 15 minutes of polymerization.

Dielectric test: maximum voltage: 16,000 volts. Temperature cycle test: baking at 50 ° C for 1 hour, then at 190 ° C for 1 hour: no separation. Temperature resistance: + 250 ° C. Above this temperature, possibility of fumes. The fiber melts at 1200 ° C.


Polymerization time: 5 to 20 minutes depending on atmospheric conditions and water temperature. The optimum polymerization speed is obtained with an ambient temperature above 10 ° C and lukewarm water. For high pressures> 5 bars, it is recommended to wait 24 hours.
Hardness Shore D 70
Mechanical Résistance: 250 MPa
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 7.1 x 10-5 / °C
Pressure resistance 30 bars (430 psi)


Its specific formulation allows rapid repairs of microcracks and cracks, porosity of cast iron elements, advanced corrosion of ferrous or non- ferrous metal, plastic piping, concrete, asbestos, transporting fluids as varied as: water, overheated steam, oil, most solvents and gases. Ideal for long- lasting repairs requiring maximum resistance, safety in chemical factories, on boats or offshore platforms, in agriculture for greenhouses, in the food industry. There are also multiple applications in the repair of tool handles, fishing rods, furniture and various equipment.


Bag Réf. KS1801-50X180 10 per box

Bandage size 5 cm X 1,80 m

Quick wrap applications in Industry.

Coal Mines
Area of use : Coal preparation wash plants : water, stream, slurry lines etc. Reason for use : Emergency, temporary repairs to leaking pipe. Steel Smelter Works
Area of use: Processing: blast furnaces, water, steam ,waste product pipes. Reason for use : Emergency repairs until shutdown

Steel sheet and coil manufacturing
Area of use : Processsing : Stream and watre pipes Reason for use : Emergency repair to burst pipes

Area of use : Oil, gas, water supply lines Reasons for use : Emergency repairs to fuel, oil and gas lines during 24 hr shift

Coal, copper and zinc smeltingArea of use : Processing : blast furnaces, water, steam, sludge and slurry lines Reason for use : Emergency repairs

Gold Mines
Area of use : Processing plant : Chemical, sludge, slurry, by-product / waste pipes Reason for use : Emergency repairs to chemical repair lines

Bauxite Mines
Area of use : Processing plant : Refinery / Alumina section Smelter / Aluminium section Reason for use : Emergency repairs to chemical supply lines

Sugar Mills
Area of use : Corrosive fluid lines, abrasive product pipes, general low pressure, water and steam lines. Reason for use: Emergency repairs to corrosive, water, steam and abrasive lines

Area of use : Processing : Boiler rooms, sludge, slurry, water and steam pipes Reason for use : Emergency repairs to sludge and chemical lines

Power Stations
Area of use : Ash transfer systems, pulverised fuel tubes, cooling water lines. Reason for use : Emergency repairs to transfer systems and lines

Timber Mills
Area of use : Processing of wood paneling, ply and softwood Reason for use : Emergency repairs to transfer systems and lines

Area of use : Wash plants : leaking pipes within rock, gravel, granite and greenstone quarries Reason for use : Emergency repairs to leaking pipes

Merchant Shipping
Area of use : Engine use Reason for use : Emergency repairs whilst at sea to fuel, oil, water and waste lines. Damage control within engine room and fire fighting facilities

Marine (coast guard)
Area of use : Engine room Reason for use : Emergency repairs to fuel, water and oil lines etc.

Marine and Yacht Chandlery
Area of use : General emergency repairs Reason for use : Emergency repairs to pipes, punctured hulls, jury rigs etc.

Paper Manufacturing
Area of use : Pulp mill Reason for use : Emergency repairs to chemical, water and waste lines

Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
Area of use : Production Manufacturing Plant Reason for use : Emergency repairs to chemical, water and steam pipes

Food manufacturing and processing
Area of use : Processing plant Reason for use : Emergency repairs during 24 hr operations to chemical, food, waste and water lines

Area of use : General Repairs around the farm Reason for use : Emergency repairs to engines, equipment, irrigation lines etc.